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Of what importance is Service Quality to my business?

QualityIt is of utmost importance that one knows what service quality is about before the importance is being discussed.

What is Service Quality?

It can be defined as the comparison of expectations with performance. Any business with high service quality will meet customer needs and encourage their loyalty whilst remaining economically competitive and as a result increase economic competitiveness.

How can a business achieve approved Service quality and still increase its economic competitiveness in a dynamic market?

  • The business owner/ management would have to understand the existing operational processes and regularly improve on them.
  • Problems are bound to come but it’s vital they are identified quickly and systematically resolved.
  •  Then, establish valid and reliable service performance measures and customer satisfaction is measured and other performance outcomes.

Service Quality Components

They include 3 major pointers:

  • Culture
  • People: Customers and the work force( employees and management team)
  • Processes

          a) Culture:

  • This refers to the geographic landscape where the business is located. Is it of mixed culture? what is the eating habits? what are people’s preferences?
  • The lifestyle of the people- potential and existing customers
  • Workplace environment: is the atmosphere that of excellence? Self belief? Appraisals? Recognition and rewards for outstanding performers?

          b) People:

Here, there are 2 categories of people.The customer, the one who pays for the products and services offered while the second category is the employees and the management.


  • He/She is referred to King. Never argue with or ignore him.
  • Treat each customer has an individual because each experience is as unique as the personality you are dealing with.
  • Always put yourself in his/her shoes and ask:
    • What might he/she want to know?
    • What might they need to know?
    • What information do I have that if shared with them would make his experience better or worse off?          

                ii.) Employee and Management:

  • There are two vital points to note. The employees are the internal customers of the organisation and management has profit to make.
  • Ensure that all employees have the right service attitude because attitude is everything.
  • Train and re-train staff on the work process
  • Internal communication: either weekly or monthly, staff meeting should be held to give opportunity to employees share their challenges on the job, learn from others how to manage them and learn where there’s need for improvement.
  • Encourage innovation. Always ask  what are the better ways service quality can provided? 3 pointers are:-Responsiveness, Responsibility and Openness.

     c)  Processes

For a production or service-oriented process to produce a service of high quality:

  • Customer’s needs must be prioritised: Most times companies often spend more time thinking about what THEY need instead of the CUSTOMER’S need, but this process ought to be reversed.
  • The process ought to be revised as frequent as possible to meet up with trends.
  • Business processes should be a Solution carrier because every problem carries solution on its back and financial returns are remuneration.