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service batonIn this season, there’s a constant clamour for the rise of entrepreneurs and not applicants of white- or blue-collar jobs. Both the new school leavers and those that have long-tarried in the job markets are being encouraged to start a business to fill the gap of unemployment.

One may want to ask at this point, are these businesses established to outlive their owners or one of those investments meant to meet the current needs and nothing more?

I dare to say that if they are for posterity, then the service delivery value is the bedrock of success. So, what are the main factors to note for effective service?

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Diligence


How confident are your customers about your delivery? Do you give date of delivery, then fail and never inform them about a probable delay? I remember a tailor that sews shirt for my husband, he delivers on the first appointment but subsequent ones are most times never met and you would have to call to find out about the delay. At a point, just got tired of his service, though his handwork was clean and exquisite but he lacks reliability. As a result, we had to shop for a replacement. I do not rule out the place of unforeseen circumstances but a call would do the job. The customer maybe angry or disappointed but he/she would appreciate the information.

Also, do you lock your store/office at will for any flimsy excuse? And when customers come, you are never around.


A shady job sends the customer away. Never compromise on quality because of price! People would rather pay once for a quality product or great service experience than repeated poor quality one. Even the low-income earners want good value for the little they can afford.


Sometimes, business owners are more concerned about the returns than the service delivery. He/She is calculating on how much can be made? Nevertheless, when customers realize you are more passionate about delivering great service than the monetary returns, they would keep coming back and spread the word.  When I moved to a new location, the new saloon I started to visit was all about the money-even to loose a weave-on plait, I paid- and unfortunately, never got a good value for my money.


Even if it seems you are not hitting it, stay at it. Staying true to a cause- business/ trade- is worth it because better is the end of a thing than the beginning.



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