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The Customer’s duty call

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When it comes to service, it is not just about the provider but the buyer also. Yeah!You may want to argue that it’s your money- hard earned one for that matter!- nevertheless, you have a duty call to answer as a customer.

Don’t forget that the goods and/ or service provider is as human as you are and he/she deserves to be treated right especially if it is a well cultured service outlet.

Few tips to make you an Ace Customer:

  • Avoid use of abusive language:

No matter how aggravated you are, never result in names calling. Address issues- whether an expired good is left on the shelf, you got an undeserved overlook by the attendant or an annoying distraction- draw attention to it without insulting the offender. Remember, it is the situation you are addressing or the offence committed and not the personality.

  • Reward Clients with your loyalty:

You’ve shopped once or twice at a shop and you got a good bargain and had a great service experience, the best way to reward the provider is to be loyal. Any time you are in need of that service, the business or store should be your first point of call. The provider will be glad and want to serve you better every time you show up. You probably become friends!

  • Make complaints of every dissatisfaction as it happens:

Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating when it comes to reporting any dissatisfaction because your service provider may be doing it without knowing that you are not happy about it.

  • Be friendly:

A kind gesture should be returned. Use “Please” and “Thank you” as lavishly as you can. It doesn’t belittle you but bestows honour on you as an appreciative kind-hearted person. Remember, whoever wants friends must show himself/herself  friendly.

  • Give Referrals via word of mouth:

This is the best and smallest gesture you can do to show your support for the business.


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