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What makes a brand?



The world is literally a marketplace- you are either selling or buying something at a price. Some trade in similar items while some create new products to meet seemingly new but existing needs and others try to sell same things in a different way by creating a niche and make bigger profits.

But one may ask, what makes a product unique? Permit me to say – the Brand! Why?

The reality is that a brand says more about the goods and services being offered- it tells a story!

  • Colour: Some colours are warm, friendly, cool or inviting while others are formal, choosy, classy, or modern. Likewise, there are ones that are directional, involving, beautiful and … The colour of your brand has great effects than you can phantom. It goes beyond your favourite/preferred colour but what message you want to pass across to your target public.

For example- Diamond Bank’s theme colour used to be black with some silver. It was really classy but it projected an image                 of formality and distance. Try them now; they have quite a lively combination of colours which is quite inviting.

  • Logo:  A logo is not just a symbolic representation of a company name. It should reflect creativity, style and authenticity. Just as a stamp is to a letter so is a logo to a company.
  • Name: Initially, I thought this could be ignored but Not at all!. Especially for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), indigenous owners form company names from children’s name acronym. Sincerely, that takes in the 70s and 80s not now anymore. The world is a global village and transactions can be between people in different parts of the world, so, your name should be what they can easily relate with.

          Also, your name which is your identity should reflect class and taste.

  • Motto/ Slogan: This is quite dicey but when the right words are used, it perfectly relates your mission and vision statements in a bit to the target public. Let it be short and precise.