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Oh! My Arik Air!

It is no news that the largest national air carrier has been taken over by Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), their activities were grounded for a short while and tales of their poor services trailed the news sphere.

… there is one great service experience that I had with airline that is deeply etched in my mind and I would never forget in an hurry. Please crucify me but an excellent service must never be overlooked.

A couple of years ago, while on our honeymoon cross country trip, my husband and I wore our branded T-shirts and boarded a Port-Harcourt bound flight. While the hostesses were on their in-flight catering service duty, one of the hostess asked causually, if we were newly-married? In response, I blushed while my hubby just nodded.

We thought that was it till we started to get  preferential treatment and a personal congratulations from the pilot. To crown it all, when the  plane landed, almost all the passengers came to wish us well. It was indeed a heart-warming experience for us and Arik Air won our hearts.

So, what are the key lessons for Business owners or Customer Service Officers?

  •  Be Observant: Whether you are the business owner or client service personnel, be on a look out for opportunities to celebrate special moments with your customers. It shows that you care about them.
  • Take Action: When you go the extra mile, the customer’s loyalty is won with minimal efforts.
  • Be the Connecting Point: It is very interesting how customers bond on the shop floor effortlessly. Stand on the aisle for a minute, you would either see a customer asking another to confirm the price of an item or sharing a perception of the store with another customer. I bet you at this time, they put forward a word of mouth on your behalf.
  • Be Sincere: A sincere effort goes farther than you can ever imagine! So, whatever little attempt you make, please do with all your heart,you never can tell…

I leave you with the words of Chip Bell, which says, “Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”

Yours in Service

Anu Onasanya