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Hygiene Culture of Growing Businesses

Credits: Nairaland

It is a sunny Monday afternoon and I had a break from work, so, I rushed to the saloon to braid my hair. In the course of making my hair, my hairdresser excused herself to use the ladies – which was a wall beside her shop that had some measure of privacy. Afterwards, she returns without washing her hands to continue my hair.  I cringed inside! Didn’t want to sound rude, I kept mute.

A few minutes later, the apprentice went to same spot to pee. Then,  I resolved in my heart to protest if she returns to my hair without washing her hands. Luckily, she didn’t.

Guess they don’t understand that their body fluids is theirs to keep and not share with me or any other customers!

Who are the ‘they’? These include those that sell retailed sausage roll popularly called gala in traffic, fan- ice trucker, “mai suya” ( skewered meat seller) ,  food/fruit hawkers,  mobile food shops, small saloons and so on.

It is wake up to every Nigerian who buys or receives services from the above-mentioned vendors.

Make a demand to be served right!

How do we go about this?

  • A Saloon owner that has a baby/toddler in her stall, shouldn’t carry out domestic chores with saloon equipment. -Don’t wash plates or baby in the salon sink.
  • The mobile food vendors must have hand sanitisers which they must use before every customer’s order is prepared/served.
  • Provision for wash rooms must be made by Landlords for stalls built within the residential areas.
  • All traffic vendors synonymous to Lagos should be banned and ban should be enforced by law-enforcing agents.

When next you want to buy food/engage a service provider,remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.