Service Experience


You’ve a right to be served right!

Credits: nairaland

I do wonder why the public transport service in Lagos, Nigeria has degenerated to this point. Lagosians without personal vehicles are not animals but humans with the right to be served well!

While waiting to catch a bus, saw a well- dressed woman running to board a bus. The “conductor” kept on urging her to hurry up while the driver impatiently waited a mile away for her. With one leg in and the other of the ground, the driver drove on. Guessed she was used to this scenario,  she managed to hurl herself into the vehicle and get a seat.

If one would probe further, the female passenger is learned and well cultured in her place of work but turns into another person once she gets to the bus stop because of the reality on the roads.

Just some meters away,  another commercial vehicle, popularly called ‘danfo’ broke down and all the passengers sat in without remorse while the conductor pushed the vehicle to start. This attitude showed that it was payback because of the way they’ve been treated.

Where did we miss it in Lagos?  Where is the heart of service?  Why are the customers treated like animals and the bus drivers and conductors like nonentity? Do we need a paradigm shift in public transport sector in Lagos about giving the right service?  Are the customers ready to make a demand for it.

As a passenger, you should never run to catch a danfo. When you flag the bus down,  ensure it stops before you board. Same when you want to alight, notify the driver when he is approaching your bus stop,  and politely request that he stops the vehicle before you step out.

If every passenger in Lagos would take a stand,  the bus drivers and conductors would make necessary adjustments.

Next time you want to board a Danfo,remember you have a right to be served right because you are paying for the service!